Dum ka Zaika : Best Restaurant in Ahmedabad Near Airport
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Dum Ka Zaika

A Speciality Restaurant

For those who like to savour Awadhi cuisine from Lucknow and various other dishes from North India; our chefs can exhibit the deftness for the same. Offering power-packed lunch and dinner, Dam ka Zaika truly justifies its name.

With an inviting capacity of over 100 guests, the Punjabi Specialty Restaurant at Narayani Heights expands to over 1,900 sq.ft.. In here, the guests are treated with an eclectic ambience that fuses modern and traditional interior concepts.

Perfect for those who desire for authentic Punjabi flavours, this restaurant oozes the rhythmic tunes of live performances and soulful ghazals.

Come and relish the finest dishes at Narayani where taste and presentation have the power to beautify your soul with optimum ease.

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