Narayani Heights is the perfect location for your Dream Destination Wedding in Ahmedabad

Are you getting married soon and struggling with a strong wanderlust? If so, combine the two and think about saying "I DO" in a magical location with breathtaking views. Narayani Heights is the perfect location for you to have your magical dream-destination wedding. Here are a few explanations for why you should choose a destination wedding, regardless of whether you want an experience in an exotic paradise or a ceremony in a lush green palace. Narayani Heights is among the best places for a destination wedding in Ahmedabad. The ability to prolong your honeymoon up to a few weeks is undoubtedly the nicest aspect of having a destination wedding. Take your closest pals on a brief pre-wedding getaway to kick off the adventure. Even a bachelor and bachelorette week getaway is possible to arrange. There is something romantic about exchanging vows with your loved ones while travelling to a foreign location. However, that magic can start to wear off when organizing a destination wedding. There are several factors involved, including marriage restrictions, language hurdles, and even the act of travelling itself. Not to mention the availability of your guests, the weather, and your wedding budget. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry; Narayani Heights is well aware of all that and has got it all covered for you.

Ahmedabad, with its rich heritage and megacity status, is a perfect place for any and every kind of destination wedding. Is there anything better than tying knots in the world heritage site? It’s such a beautiful city; you will never regret planning a destination wedding here. Now comes the question of where to hold all the wedding functions when it’s about getting married in Ahmedabad. Here comes the role of our luxurious four-star hotel, Narayani Heights with all the amenities to make your wedding a memorable one, which is just 3 km from the Ahmedabad International Airport, making it the best possible place for a destination wedding in Ahmedabad.

Do you know what the different wedding celebrations at the destination wedding will be like? From Engagement to Reception, all the programs in between, such as Mehndi, Haldi/Pithi Dastoor, Sangeet, Bachelor Party, Bridal Shower, Pool Party, Ganesh Sthapana and Wedding Ceremony, all become a blast when you hold a destination wedding. Narayani Heights, with its three grand ballrooms, a lush green lawn, a spacious terrace area and poolside space, makes each and every arrangement for these special wedding celebrations and leaves an indelible impression on the guests attending your destination wedding. Let’s know a little about these celebrations and how Narayani Heights makes them outstanding.


The engagement ceremony is the very first big event in wedding celebrations. Your relationship enters a new phase when you get engaged and that’s when you start making big plans for the future. No matter how long it took you to decide and how long you dated each other, getting engaged is something that sweetens the bond even more and pours more lovely emotions and sentiments for your partner. It’s such a sweet ceremony that surely has to be magnificent. However, many of us are clueless and have no idea how to begin or where to begin the preparations. When you plan a destination wedding in Ahmedabad at Narayani Heights, the wedding planners here assist you and take care of everything, and it definitely exceeds your event expectations with spectacular decorations, grand living amenities, delicious multi-cuisine food, always ready-to-help staff and so much more, the list goes on.

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A Mehndi ritual is typically an emotional Shringaar ritual intended to ritualistically pamper the bride and groom and get them ready for their wedding day. It starts with the arrival of Mehndi (henna) from the groom's side for the bride, a gesture that is replicated in the Haldi ritual or Pithi Dastoor. It’s the ceremony that is all about joy, excitement, laughter, and a burst of brightness during frantic wedding ceremonies. The mehndi decor best portrays this upbeat mood. Think of vibrant hues like pink, magenta, yellow, orange, azure, and emerald that have been used all over the venue in the form of fabric awnings, flower decorations, live performers, cheery installations, or even photo booths. At Narayani Heights, that’s what you will find event planners and executors doing - combining the best vibrant colours and bringing forward the perfect colour combination for mehndi impeccably.

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Haldi / Pithi Dastoor

You must have been to a haldi ceremony many times before. It's difficult to put into words how joyous it feels on the day of haldi. It’s a ceremony that enhances the beauty of the bride and groom and is a lively, vivid ceremony for the couple and wedding guests to engage in. Overall, a haldi is a well-balanced blend of rituals, enjoyment, laughs, feelings, and witty banter. Haldi is not just a ceremony; it's a festival that is celebrated wholeheartedly. Cuddled by nature and nurtured by tranquillity, the Narayani Heights paint the picture-perfect setting for a soulful haldi ceremony amidst nature.


If asked, which wedding event has the highest level of entertainment? Of course, everyone will utter sangeet! One of the most special pre-wedding festivities, Sangeet is a celebration of the union of two families with joyous music, dance and frolic, where stress takes a backseat and everyone enjoys the celebration. A sangeet ceremony full of merriment entails many details. The sky is the limit when it comes to planning a sangeet. Planning the sangeet with meticulous attention becomes essential if you want to raise the aura and get every guest on the dance floor. With unique trends in planning and theme-based decor with complete customization, Team Narayani Heights offers a magnific discotheque that makes the sangeet ceremony stand out from the rest and gives a special experience for all of your guests.

Bachelor Party

It’s a fun party for the groom! The bachelor party is an opportunity for a guy to get together with all of his best buddies, do the craziest things, have fun, bid farewell to the single life, and then enter a new beginning with his soulmate after marriage. Sometimes it’s called the last night of freedom for the groom. You probably know why it is called so. You must have a selection of tourist attractions close by if you want the bachelor party to be a blast. When you and your buddies venture to picturesque locations, a bachelor party becomes more exciting. To accommodate your bachelor party and sightseeing with great places, Narayani Heights is located on the peaceful outskirts, far from the screeching noises of the city in the proximity of 13+ tourist venues such as the Sabarmati Riverfront, Adalaj Stepwell, Kankariya Lake, Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium, Akshardham temple, Gujarat Science City and Mahatma Mandir, etc., which makes Narayani Heights a perfect place for a destination wedding in Ahmedabad.

Bridal Shower

What it is? It's more like a bachelorette party for a bride. Traditionally, the bride and her crew of female pals and relatives are the only people invited to a bridal shower that takes place before the wedding, where the bride gets pampered and teased by her friends. Now comes the question of where and how the bridal shower should be celebrated. It's all about "location and vibes". You can plan it next to the pool or at a far-flung locale, where it will create pleasant vibes and add excitement to the shower. How about a movie night next to the swimming pool with lots of yummy food at Narayani Heights for your bridal shower? From affordability and convenience to intimate settings with your closest friends and relatives at Narayani Heights, your bridal shower will surely reach the next level of entertainment.

Pool Party

It’s a great party you should hold when you plan a destination wedding. Although it’s not part of wedding rituals, what’s stopping you from enjoying a little extra? Parties become more special when they get the company of a pool, which makes everyone enjoy them more. When hosting a pool party, the best way to impress your guests is to include photo booths, props and DJs. Whether it’s classic, golden entertainment or something out of the box, you will surely find the perfect fit among numerous performances to make your pool party a unique one at Narayani Heights, where we have a large pool to relish the thriving and rejoicing by the pool.

Ganesh Sthapana

Before embarking on any big happening, what do we do first? It’s always bowing down to Lord Ganesh and praying for prosperity and a happier life ahead. As per tradition, Ganesh Sthapana is one of the most important and prosperous rituals that must be performed in wedding celebrations. This puja is primarily performed for good luck, as Lord Ganesh is revered as the remover of impediments and evils. The ritual gets the couple ready for a new advent. Without Ganesh Puja, a traditional wedding is incomplete. At Narayani Heights, we know the importance of every ritual, so we perform every wedding celebration/ritual in a perfect traditional way to ensure the couple lives a happier life ahead.

Wedding Ceremony

Finally, it’s the main ceremony we are talking about. The bride wears a red dress, the groom arrives with Baraat, Agni burns in the mandap's centre, the bride’s saree and groom’s stole get tied together, the couple exchanges floral garlands, the groom ties the Mangala Sutra and applies sindoor to the bride, the bride's father performs the Kanyadan, then the Vidaai ceremony and finally the couple gets married. All of this is performed in a single day. A wedding ceremony itself is a very emotional and happier ceremony. Holding a destination wedding in Ahmedabad at Narayani Heights is the best idea to make your wedding day delightful and stress-free. A destination wedding at Narayani Heights is affordable compared to setting up a traditional wedding.


Indian weddings have a unique charm. The bride's family traditionally takes the lead in planning the wedding, though there may be an exception for the reception. The reception is held right after the main wedding day. The newlyweds make their first appearance in front of the public after getting hitched. The groom's family often plans the reception, which resembles a lavish celebration. This is a celebratory time for both families as they delight in their new accord. The bride has the chance to get to know the friends and family of the groom during the reception ceremony. This is the time when the bride formally introduces herself as a new member of her new family.

Narayani Heights creates memories with different types of decor based on the theme you choose for all your wedding celebrations, such as Village Theme, Sabyasachi Wedding Reception Theme, Photobooth for Wedding, Rajwadi Theme, Traditional Theme, Theme for Band Baaja Baaraat, Magenta Chauri, Passage Enlightenment, Hanging Chauri, Elegant Rajnigandha, Mesmerizing Mehendi, Classic European Theme, Neon Party Theme, Neon Mehendi Theme, Bollywood Sangeet, Nirvana Theme, Modern Fusion Chauri, Hai Shaam Shaandaar Decor for stage, Elegant Bulb Twigs, Larger than Life Rajwadi and many more.

Through this whole discussion, you must have gotten an idea about all the wedding rituals/celebrations and the ideal role of Narayani Heights in celebrating them. Let’s jump to the reasons to hold a destination wedding now.


Reasons To Go For A Destination Wedding



Weddings at a destination are less expensive than ceremonies at a venue. When all the costs are taken into account, travelling across the globe to get married is significantly more cost-effective than planning every last detail at a traditional wedding. The resorts often offer discounts to couples who reserve a specific number of rooms and plan their honeymoon there. With 108 rooms for a pleasant stay, in-house decor, delectable cuisines and different luxurious amenities, Narayani Heights is one of the most prominent and lavish wedding venues in Gujarat, offering 3 ballrooms, a lush green lawn, and terrace space dedicated to the celebration of occasions and gatherings, all under one roof, which makes Narayani Heights budget-friendly and the perfect place for couples preparing to have a destination wedding in Ahmedabad.

Hassle-Free Experience

Booking your resort through a destination wedding planner is always a terrific choice because you'll have a complete team of people working to make every last detail flawless. The couple may concentrate on what matters to them while leaving the rest in the hands of the wedding planner. The planner will also arrange for your guests' entertainment, shopping, and touring. Therefore, having a destination wedding greatly reduces stress because only a small number of guests can attend due to the distance, and the rest of the work is taken care of by the wedding planner, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Narayani Heights offers you a number of luxurious rooms in order to host your dream wedding.


Couples never want to enjoy a wedding at a local venue since they want to stand out from their friends and relatives. They want to accomplish something exceptional to boast about. Even if the wedding guests may have attended a dozen similar weddings, they will enjoy this unique and foreign event very much. In essence, you give your guests a vacation as a gift as you celebrate your marriage. It will undoubtedly surpass the box of laddoo given to guests as a wedding favour. Right?

Amazing picture opportunities

A destination wedding is a wonderful opportunity to capture the most stunning wedding photos and create lifelong memories. The pictures you take with your companions will turn out beautifully when the view and setting have gorgeous landscapes. One can construct a special collection of memories that would be challenging to replicate elsewhere when they are documented on camera. You will be fortunate to be able to bring home some beautiful photographs that have mystical qualities that enhance their inherent attractiveness.

Reunion Opportunity

When it comes to a typical wedding, you constantly rush to complete tasks and meet guests. In a destination wedding, you are typically expected to arrive a few days early to complete all the paperwork, giving you at least 2-3 days to enjoy with your friends and family on your wedding day. So tell, how often do you spend time with your loved ones without being rushed? Seize the opportunity while it lasts!

This crucial component of the majority of weddings today cannot be overlooked. To save lovely memories for the future, every couple prepares elaborate wedding photoshoots and recordings. What better way to experience those moments than in the ideal location of your choice? With a destination wedding, you may completely incorporate the genuine local flavour, such as in the cuisine and music. The experience will be enjoyable for both you and your visitors. Believe us when we tell you that worrying about a wedding can be stressful. Therefore, choosing a destination wedding obviously eliminates a lot of problems and stressful situations. Let's not overlook the significance of a top-notch wedding location and accommodations in all of these plans. That's the element that determines whether the destination wedding is a success or a failure. Most of the time, having a location that is perfect for both the wedding and lodging is advised, but finding one is really challenging. Regarding a destination wedding, Narayani Heights offers an opulent location in Ahmedabad. One of the most prestigious 4-star hotels for a destination wedding in Ahmedabad. The hotel embodies and exudes the grandeur of both a modern and classic setting. It is the ideal wedding location because it offers big banquet facilities, ambience, entertainment, lodging, food, a spa, and anything else you can think of. With planted gardens, water features, and pergolas, the extravagant masterpiece is incredibly extraordinary and breathtaking for anyone to experience in the world heritage city.