Wedding Reception Decorations Pave The Way For A Lovely Wedding Conclusion

When we talk about or hear the word ‘decoration’ especially when it is for wedding reception decorations or consider any celebration that has to be magnificent, the very first thing that pops into mind is creativity, isn’t it? The more creative the decoration, the more elegant the celebration will look! When there's exquisite decoration at the reception, you can not deny that it really makes your eyes go wide with awe and wonder. However, decorating spotlessly is not an easy task to do; it requires fine and meticulous attention to each and every detail while decorating. At every wedding ceremony, excitement and laughter are all that one wants, and that comes only when the ambience is jovial. The way the decorators think about and embellish the wedding reception decorations sets the ambience of the venue. The attractive decorations are greatly significant as they result in beautiful photos and videos, which means you have tons of beautiful memories to look back on. Being the most spectacular aspect of the wedding, the reception naturally has more room for decorations. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the spaces that must be decorated to ensure the wedding reception is wonderful and know how Narayani Heights decorates them perfectly.

Entrance Gate

When guests arrive at the wedding reception venue, the first thing they see is the venue’s entrance gate. Even though it’s a bit cliche to say that the first impression is the last one, it's crucial to concentrate on your guests' entrance if you want to provide them with a memorable experience and plenty of photos to remember your reception by. In wedding reception decorations, it is always the best way to decorate the entrance gate with vases of fragrant flowers, colourful ribbons, garlands, intricate drapery, cascading bulb adornments and fairy lights. For an indelible memory of your reception, the wedding planners and executors of Narayani Heights don’t hesitate to go the extra mile while decorating, giving it a personal creative touch with many different elegant decorative elements and taking care of every detail throughout your reception day.

Wedding Flower Decoration

Passage & Walkway

Just like the entrance gate is an essential element when it comes to ornamenting wedding reception decorations, the passage and walkway decor also play a crucial role in making your reception a blast. A beautifully decorated passage and walkway with perfect colour synchronization of all the different decorative elements sets the mood for the evening and adds more joy to the reception. You must have heard the old saying “Actions speak louder than words”. Likewise, for a better understanding of a beautifully decorated passage & walkway, look at the below passage & walkway decorations done by Narayani Heights.


Decorative Seating Arrangements

Even though you might not give it much thought, the type of chair you use and the way you get the chairs decorated always have an impact on the mood of the entire reception ceremony. For an unforgettable image of the reception, the more comfortable the type of chair you select, the more it lets your guests feel relaxed and it becomes the icing on the cake when it has comfortness merged with elegance. Planning the seating arrangements in a style that you can blend ceremonial seating with more relaxed arrangements full of couches and soft cushions is a must if one wants to have a wedding reception decked up in beauty, sparkles, and luxury. While doing wedding reception decorations, a thing to always keep in mind is that the celebration will only feel truly complete when it has both comfort and elegance. At Narayani Heights, it’s the main forte you will see, simply excellent work, that’s it!


Stunning Lighting & Intricate Drapery

Have you ever seen a live theatre performance? There you must have glimpsed how the visual components of lighting and drapery contribute to the play's mood and emotion. Despite the amazing acting and singing in the play, you might not enjoy it much if it did not have the magic of Lighting and Drapery. The same is true for the wedding reception decorations. Lighting and draping are more than just decorative elements; they are what make your wedding emotionally Compelling and Spellbinding which Narayani Heights does impeccably!

Stage Settings

You'll see that professionals in wedding planning always suggest setting aside a sizeable portion of the wedding budget for stage decoration, and there are reasons behind it. The reception's high point, literally speaking, is its stage. It makes it easier for the guests to enjoy a clear view of the couple and vice versa. The stage becomes the focal point as photography sessions and meet-and-greets happen there. Because a beautifully adorned stage in wedding reception decorations makes your celebration gorgeous, this specific space requires careful planning, preparation and perfect execution. No, but it's not always expensive; Narayani Heights comes for your salvation here. Narayani Heights always brings something innovative and awesome to the stage, crafted in such a way that the stage gets the synonym "Beauty."

Buffet Table Settings & Decorations Around It

Now, it’s an exciting topic we are talking about, right? If you are a foodie, you will get this point. Scrumptious food is always the main draw of any gathering. Along with delicious food, it’s necessary to set the buffet tables properly and decorate them in such a manner that the guests who are enjoying a meal at your reception will have conversations about the decoration of the buffet tables instead of other topics because nothing beats a luxurious set-up. The buffet centrepieces, table runners, and even the napkin designs you choose for the buffet table decorations all enable you to showcase your theme, colour scheme, and creative flair.


As we discussed a lot about wedding reception decorations, now you may have gotten an idea of how it paves the way for a lovely wedding conclusion and which spaces must be decorated, but finding the venue where you can get all wedding reception things done from perfect planning to extraordinary execution can be difficult.

At Narayani Heights, our luxurious 4-star hotel, we have an experienced staff of wedding planners and executors who look after every detail of wedding ceremonies and put effort into making sure that they will be fondly remembered in memories. The Narayani Heights is the epitome of luxury, with three ballrooms, a lush green lawn, and a terrace space dedicated to celebrations and gatherings. To make all the functions of your wedding magnificent and unique, we at Narayani Heights deliver much more than you expect and decorate in such a way that the guests attending the function start saying that it’s the most perfect celebration I have ever seen.