Importance of Wedding Flower Decoration And Different Trends

We've discovered that there are countless alternatives when it comes to floral arrangements! There are simply too many things that can be decorated with flowers. There is no wrong way to do it because flowers always make your wedding decor look better. However, choosing your blooms can frequently be stressful and confusing. We are fully aware of that! We can understand how selecting blooms could cause you tension before your special day. Simply put, there are just too many options, and the pressure to avoid using the same dull combinations is excellent. If you wish to add florals to several aspects, you could also need to buy wholesale flowers! A wedding typically serves as a reminder for flowers to bloom all over the place to make the occasion look welcome. Indian weddings are not unique; rather, they are known for their elaborate floral arrangements. Indian weddings dominate the decor from beginning to conclusion. Narayani Heights, a four-star hotel provides you with a wonderful opportunity to arrange for a magnificent wedding flower decoration. Without lovely flowers, any kind of great occasion is incomplete. There are numerous varieties of flowers in various colours, and each flower has a unique meaning and representation. They also all move in various ways and are employed in various situations.

It is incredible how something as basic as flowers can significantly improve the appearance of a space. The aesthetics definitely give a room some wholesomeness, even if it's just a modest bunch of flowers in a vase in the corner. This is why flower decorations are crucial for weddings and other celebrations. Flowers are attractive and give the environment a lovely scent. Finding the appropriate decorators and planners is crucial because they can put everything up for you and assist you in finding the greatest flowers and colours at reasonable pricing. This is really important at a wedding, as you could guess. Every occasion, but especially a wedding, needs flower arrangements. There must be flowers in the aisles, a bouquet for the bride, and other such requirements. Flowers are crucial components of wedding decor because of this. But for your convenience, here is a summary of the benefits of including flowers in your decor. Our hotel is just 3 km from Sardar Vallabhabhai International Airport making it convenient for travellers to attend weddings.

Importance Of Wedding Flower Decoration



There are several floral arrangements and colour palettes that go well together. A good contrast is particularly attractive to the eye and draws attention to the key elements of a wedding, such as a bride's attire or any notable decorations that have been erected, etc. Whereas it is not necessary for all the colours to match. Additionally, flowers really liven up a space. This implies that your floral decorations won't appear uninteresting or basic. Your wedding will be given many eye-catching forms and colours to bring liveliness. Narayani Heights has ample space for your dream weddings flooded with flowers.


Most flowers also emit a pleasant scent or fragrance. This affects how people feel in general. Because a pleasant-smelling flower can always make someone's day, roses are regarded as thoughtful presents. Additionally, it gives the impression that it is summer or spring, which is a symbol of joy and levity.

Doesn’t need to be real

It is not necessary for decorations to be genuine flowers because they are so aesthetically beautiful. Even a simple flower arrangement can give a space a sense of depth and cosiness. The walls of many weddings, occasions, and even homes are covered with posters of flowers. A piece of art is regarded to improve the feng shui in a space. Narayani Heights caters to all your wedding expectations and you need not worry about flower decorations at all. People feel peaceful and relaxed when there is a nice mix of colour, light, air, and other components in an environment. This is crucial in situations with a lot of stress and strain.

Different Trends To Look Out For Wedding Flower Decoration


Boutonniere Flowers

For parties, choosing boutonniere flowers is essential! It gives weddings, proms, dances, anniversaries, and other important occasions personality and colour. Make sure you choose the appropriate flower, colour, and style. Here are some suggestions for selecting a boutonniere for your special event. Style and the main flower should be coordinated to go with the bridal bouquet, corsage, or clothing. When choosing flowers for the groomsmen at a wedding, keep in mind that they should be smaller and slightly different from the bride's and groom's boutonniere. Match the event's flowers or theme with the colour and style. Pick robust, long-lasting blooms that can remain in shape for hours without water. To evaluate your appearance on your special day, your boutonniere should represent your individual flair. A boutonniere can be worn by anyone. Decide on the ideal boutonniere flowers after doing some study to enhance your appearance on your big day. A destination wedding at Narayani Heights may allow you to display your love for flowers and create everlasting memories.
  •  Carnations
For every event, carnations make a stylish and affordable boutonniere. The basic ruffle aesthetic of carnations in white, peach, and burgundy stands out as particularly appealing. Carnations generally survive a very long time and integrate well with any filler flower or greenery.
  • Dahlias
Dahlias are sophisticated flowers that come in a variety of sizes and vivid colours. You have a choice of flowers in shades of pink, royal purple, yellow, or white, orange, and red tones. Although dahlias are not always in season, they make a wonderful choice for wedding bouquets in the summer and fall. Pair it with veronica flowers or hypericum berries which make it more eye-catching.
  • Orchids
The best option is white orchids, but pink or purple orchids with sprigs of foliage can still make a strong impression. For a beach or tropical occasion, orchids are the ideal choice.
  • Roses
Due to their inherent beauty, roses are the most preferred option and speak volumes. You can use a single-flower boutonniere if you want, or you can combine traditional or spray roses with baby's breath, waxflowers, and greenery.

Wedding Flower Decoration

Fall Flowers and Bud Vases

Use bud vases filled with your preferred fall flowers to decorate an entire table. Providing some ideas to get you started. It is quite simple to make and can fit into any budget. Choose 5 to 8 distinct flowers and/or foliage varieties in a range of sizes and shapes. It is advisable to choose two to three different primary flower varieties, a few filler flowers, and greenery. You are now prepared to arrange autumnal flowers in bud vases to create a beautiful tabletop. Place one variety of flowers at a time, then cut the stems at various lengths to give your design depth. Keep colour-matching stems and add more flowers to your arrangement. To enhance contrast, make sure to blend several hues in each vase. Avoid packing too many flowers together in the bud vases because of their tiny holes. If you're using roses and want the petals to spread out more, gently blow into the rose's centre while spreading the petals with your fingertips. They will eventually blossom on their own, but this florist trick will be useful if you need them to look open right away. Alternate between high and low bud vases when setting the bouquets on the table. For the table to feel balanced, make sure to spread the various flowers and colours equally. For romance, I suggest setting the table with candles, Italian Ruscus, or seeded/silver eucalyptus. Rotating the bud vases in your candle arrangement layout, add the ideal ambience to your occasion. You can customize your wedding flower decoration by planning a wedding at Narayani Heights.

You can always search for a lot of wedding decoration photographs if you are unsure of the type of floral decorations you want at your wedding or event. This will assist you in developing a strategy that you may discuss with a decorator. An expert is always helpful because they may give you better solutions and suggestions for a certain problem. Additionally, they can direct you toward more practical and affordable wedding supplies. This is crucial because weddings typically cost a lot of money and there is no room for waste.