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Café Bluez

No matter whether it is about those prim and proper formal business meetings or just about a friendly get-together, Cafe Bluez blooms for 24 hours. With the capacity of over 70 guests and the floor that expands to over 2,300 sq. ft., this 24 hr. cafe boasts of the menu that offers luscious multi-cuisine dishes.

The cafe quite playfully welcomes its exteriors through an aesthetically erected glass facade. The lounge style seating offers a great relief to those who come in after a day- long hectic schedule.

As the lip-smacking food graces the elaborately done buffet arrangements for different time slots, the chefs are ready to introduce different dishes to its guests. For all those who crave for that authentic Italian taste of pizza, the display kitchen at Narayani is here to help you out with its wood fired oven baked pizzas.

As this cafe is an extension of that busy business floor, it offers an apt atmosphere to commence those stylish corporate meets.

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