Welcome to our Function Package offerings, made for everybody's unforgettable moments. Explore our Packages 01 to 05, each designed to cater to varying guest counts, ensuring a seamless experience for events ranging from 201 to 800+ guests.

At Narayani Heights, we specialize in curating timeless occasions, from pre-wedding festivities to the grandeur of your wedding day and the joy of post-wedding celebrations. Our packages offer a delightful selection of food items, with slight variations in each package to suit your preferences.

Choose us as your one-stop destination for all your wedding-related events. Let us transform your special moments into cherished memories.


Please Note:
Any additional items not covered in the package above will incur an extra charge per person. Kindly review the terms and conditions provided in the image carefully.

Booking Period:
Valid from November 2023 till March 2024

Thank you for considering us for your special day. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us. For any queries, call us, email us, or visit our website. We appreciate your visit and interest in making your wedding unforgettable.