Narayani Heights: Four Star Hotel with the Best Restaurant in Ahmedabad

A restaurant is an important parameter when you judge any hotel. A great dining experience can make you stand out among the crowd. You may have plenty of options when thinking of eating outside. Narayani Heights is a four-star hotel with the best restaurant in Ahmedabad which is located just 4km from Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport. Travellers on the way to and from the airport can always stop by Narayani restaurant to taste some delicacies. Our restaurant is famous for Awadhi-style delicacies made using a unique mixture of spices to provide it with a memorable taste. We create a great customer experience that results in positive online reviews which compel diners to book online tables. The location of our hotel which has the best restaurant in Ahmedabad suits business travellers.

Smart management, delicious food and scalable sitting arrangement are the factors that differentiate us from others. You might get bored of eating the same cuisine time again and again but don't worry, at Narayani Heights, you will find diverse mouth-watering cuisines. People who wish to enjoy a hot beverage with a sugary snack on the side can visit our in-house coffee shop. We at Narayani Heights provide personalized friendly service that results in guests feeling more comfortable and welcomed at the restaurant. Our proximity to the international airport helps travellers to plan a quick visit to Narayani restaurant. Many visitors expect budget friendliness from the serving side. Our mouth-watering delicacies at nominal prices give our customers a memorable dining experience and a reason to visit again.

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What Makes Our Restaurant The Best In Ahmedabad?


More Friendly Personalized Service

We make attempts so that guests feel more rejoiced when they are on a visit to Narayani restaurant. Our hosts and servers are very much capable of delivering a human experience to your guests. Our team can handle pressure well. They know how to interact with guests and make them feel comfortable at the same time. We follow two scientifically proven tips that increase our staff's likeability and ability to upsell and cross-sell menu items. We address guests by their name which is the first step in delivering friendly personable service. We receive ample success in cross-selling and up-selling menu items which results in more revenue per table. The age of information allows restaurants to know guest preferences which is very essential in today’s dining industry. Servers must ask the guests for their preferences and suggest accordingly. It is important to know whether the guests have any dietary restrictions along with their likings on the menu. We provide better suggestions means more customer satisfaction and proves to be time-saving. Narayani restaurant in Ahmedabad makes all attempts to make the guest experience more personalized with trained servers who can engage well.

Great Food That Too Consistently

Good food brings a lot of honour to Narayani restaurant at Narayani Heights. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to make your food rank top on the charts. Our experienced chefs will make you fall in love with cuisines such as Rajasthan ki Jhalak, Indian Main Course, Variety of Salads, Sweet Temptation, Shaane Mughlai, Khusbhu Gujarat Ki, Jodhpuri Jeeman, Jain Food, Chaat Chatori, Flavours of Punjab, Dakshin Se, Peshawari Cuisine, and many more. Plating and presentation are important and food runners must verify that it is living up to the standards. We are distinguished by our rich plating and presentation. Food that looks good tastes better. We make sure each of the staff from the cooks to the runners focuses on the food quality and holds one another accountable for it. Narayani restaurant is highly rated when it comes to food and has enough choices to let you satisfy all your cravings. Local food can be a distinctive factor if played right. Many guests prefer to have our local cuisines which are made perfectly. Each of our menu items that are served shapes the perception of the guests about the establishment and their dining experience. Regular inputs from the customers help our cooks prepare food according to the requirements. Narayani Heights is the four-star hotel with the best restaurant in Ahmedabad when it comes to matters such as food, dining etc.

A Mesmerizing Atmosphere

Our diners are more than happy to respond when they find that the paint, wall decorations, decorative accents and furniture are part of one cohesive theme. Our restaurant design is consistent which actually contributes to a memorable restaurant atmosphere. Our establishment’s aesthetic is an extension of its brand and a powerful way to seek traffic to the restaurant. Everything matters right from the colour scheme, to the furniture choices and lighting. The mesmerising atmosphere of Narayani restaurant entices our guests to indulge in gourmet dishes. The restaurant lighting has a huge impact on the ambience. Many fast food chains go with bright, fluorescent lighting. However, at sit-down locations, comfortable warm light is more appealing to the guests. The music often contributes to a positive dining experience for guests. For example, fast-food dining establishments can get away with any kind of music. Well-loud or hard-charging music is not the ideal choice for any upscale dining experience. Frequent visits by performing artists such as musicians, and dancers brighten up the aura at our restaurant. Narayani restaurant is renowned for its atmosphere and makes all efforts to keep guests happy. Narayani Heights is a four-star hotel with the Best Restaurant in Ahmedabad due to its lively atmosphere and likeable ambience.

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Keeping Your Place Clickable

Popular platforms such as Instagram are used to discover products and places. An architectural beauty such as Narayani Heights is a delight for guests. Display of trendy decor and beautifully plated dishes on Instagram can lead to rising in footfall. Narayani Heights has a restaurant that allows visitors to click fabulous pictures and post them on Instagram. We have the right kind of decor which encourage people to discover Narayani restaurant, document their dining experience and share it with their Instagram followers. Pictures that create a real buzz. This is user-generated content (UGC) and it actually works. User-generated post is considered more authentic and generally receive 28% more engagement than other types of social posts. UGC is considered more authentic because it isn’t created by the people who run the restaurant. It’s mostly created by customers. It’s a real depiction of what other guests can expect if they dine at your restaurant. Narayani Heights is the hotel with the Best Restaurant in Ahmedabad when it comes to customer reviews.

You would be interested to know that efficient customer service is an integral part of our restaurant practice. We make sure that customers should not face friction at any of the touchpoints whether it is ordering their meal, splitting a check or paying their bill. You would not expect the same thing from a quick-serving restaurant (QSR) and a fine dining restaurant. Here are a few considerations for more efficient restaurant customer experiences and workflows. Narayani restaurant is prepared with the latest technology that can efficiently check-in reservations, seat guests or adds seats to a table. If taking orders is your pain point you can opt for tableside ordering self-order menus or a kitchen display system. You can add stars to your customer experience by adding special requests simple as food allergies or dietary restrictions to your point of sale. In the digital world, restaurants would have to evolve when the time comes for the customers to pay the bill. We are ready for electronic payments or online payments through which guests can pay their bills. Narayani restaurant allows customers to split their bills so that paying the bills becomes a hassle-less process. Narayani Heights the hotel with the best restaurant in Ahmedabad places customers first and believes in excellent customer service.

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