Memorable Ceremony at Narayani Heights: One of the Wedding Venues in Ahmedabad

Being only 3 kilometers away from Sardar Vallabhai International Airport and around 8 kilometers away from Narendra Modi Stadium, Narayani Heights holds a prime location for all kinds of guests travelers, people managing business meetings, party lovers, family gatherings, and marriage ceremonies. Built-in a spacious area that stretches over 1,80,000 square feet, the hotel stands majestically at the most boastful vantage location, overlooking and hovering its glance around surroundings bordered with green bunches of trees, foliage, and lush vegetation. Its beauty keeps guests returning, which is why it is one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad.
If you have a ceremony in mind and want to celebrate in an atmosphere where each moment of yours happens to be worthy of the time to come, it is the one where your destination has to be Narayani Heights. Located in a peaceful yet secure outskirt, it presents the most adorable vibe for party lovers, corporate guests, and marriage ceremonies. Equipped with three banquet halls and a grand ballroom for memorable weddings, it serves as one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad with price that is both affordable and worthy of lavishness. So, we will explore more about this in detail in this article.

What is Narayani Heights and Where is It Located?

Ideal for hospitality and leisure, it is also the top destination for business events, family gatherings, and parties. It is one of the leading hotels and resorts in Ahmedabad, known for impeccable services not only for Indian guests but also for international tourists and visits, thanks to its location close to the airport, cricket stadium, and top MNCs in Ahmedabad. Because of its world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art provisions of amenities and facilities, the experiences received during the stay there leave irreplaceable and indomitable impressions on the guests. This is why it is among the top wedding venues in Ahmedabad.
As mentioned above, it is located 3 km and 8 km from the airport and cricket stadium, respectively, in the commercial peripheries of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, one of the beautiful and prospering states located in the western part of India, close to the Arabian Sea. Being among the prominent landmarks, it has secured itself as one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad due to its easy access.

Amenities and Facilities Available in Narayani Heights: Wedding Venues in Ahmedabad

Aware of the tastes and preferences for special occasions that the local residents look to fulfill, the hotel has thus come up with the idea of varieties. Because when there is a change in taste, people will obviously look to try the differences, not only next time but also each time they come. Once a guest comes toNarayani Heights, they pay their next visit, and thus it goes on. We have the experience of serving them with different tastes through the best vibe and services in the hall, ballroom, and terrace. All these explain why it is one of the top destination wedding venues in Ahmedabad.
Hence, we will now understand a bit more about these venues, or, in simple words, the facility—the banquet hall, terrace, and ballroom in the following section, explained in brief.

Banquet Hall: Weeding Paradise

With a variety of forms and halls, the banquets feature the best masterpieces that the hotel has to offer its clients and guests. When it is wedding season, the premise is busy with the hustle and bustle of guests celebrating the most important moment of their lives the wedding. Decorated with all the nicest items such as lighting, floral arrangements, fabrics, signage, balloons, candles, etc., it has turned out to be one of thebest wedding venues in Ahmedabad with price that is also affordable.
Splendid for their beauty and ambiance, there are three wedding chapels under a grand balloom, or you can also call them banquet halls, as we mostly prefer. And our guests do not have to worry for anything because our professionals are equipped with all the knowledge and resources to take care of them. There are other wedding venues in Ahmedabad; however, Narayani has its own excellence because of our professionalism, which makes it a wedding paradise.


In fact, there are features that make it stand out from its competitors. The following are the features common in all three wedding chapels or banquet halls:
  • The main chapel has three separate function halls: GBR I, GBR II, and GBR III
  • Their sizes are 3456, 5184, and 3264 square feet, respectively.
  • Their capacity can hold guests with a limit of 450, 500, and 350 each.
  • The construction of each function hall is the result of modern and sophisticated engineering and technology.
  • The decoration is well maintained to meet the guests’ demands and preferences, though all of them are trendy in look.
  • It is highly conducive for the marriage ceremony, with all the modern facilities and amenities
  •  Although the banquet or its function halls are fully decorated, they can be customized as per customers and their traditions.
  • Both Indian and international cuisines are available.
  • Professionals are highly trained, and all of them have long years of experience handling clients.

Terrace Wedding: Natural Vibe

terrace wedding 3
terrace wedding

Stars twinkling above while also witnessing the most pious knot between two souls, the terrace wedding plan is another majestic venue that Narayani Heights presents to its guests in the most memorable manner. Sprawling over an expansive yet luxurious plot, it is one of the most marvellous artifacts atop a lavish pavement made of precious sandstone, pebbles, and concrete. With the capacity to accommodate around 750 guests, it is a magnificent provision while introducing them to the most mesmerizing experience, beholding nature’s beauty surrounded by beautiful flowers, foliage, and lush outgrowth.
So, with all these qualities, it is obvious that it certainly ought to be considered one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad with price that is budget-friendly and a vibe that it provides is so expressive. Not just above, but also if the clients want us to customize decoration as per their requirements, our dedicated professionals and experts are swiftly adept at getting it done without letting the guest wait too long.


Now, let’s look at some of the major features of a terrace marriage event allocation to understand why Narayani Heights is one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad:
  • The terrace is made with modern technology and sophisticated engineering techniques, and the materials used in its construction are both expensive and precious.
  • It can effortlessly accommodate guests numbering around 750, which is, in fact, a huge bunch of people.
  • The spot presents a stunning impression and experience thanks to the combination of both natural and human-made stuff stars twinkling above, foliage and plants nearby, and the groove of music, lights, and other artificial decorations.
  • Modern furniture as well as traditional furniture are available for the guests in case they need it when the actual marriage ceremony starts.
  • If the guests want customized decoration and furniture, we can make that available as well.

Ballroom: The Ultimate Choice

Wedding-Reception-Decorations 3

Out of the many provisions that Narayani Heights has for its guests, the ballroom happens to be the most sought-after venue. It is indeed a grand ballroom on its own because it can hold around 1300 guests at once. So, it is actually the most impressive and majestic masterpiece hall, or, so to speak, a large room available for its customers, either for large gatherings like business arrangements, general parties, or marriage ceremonies. Primarily suitable for dance, though, it is ideally a great venue for a wedding due to its massive expanse, and therefore, it is one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad.
Since it is designed to offer a trendy and transcending yet intimate wedding atmosphere, Narayani Heights has received wide acclaim and appreciation not only from its regular customers but also from others due to word-of-mouth recommendations and feedback. This public appreciation has made it one of the leading wedding venues in Ahmedabad and so it is an ultimate choice.


If we look into some of its important features, it will clarify why it is the leader in Ahmedabad when it comes to the top names of hospitality service providers. The following points or illustrations will explain the same:
  • This grand ballroom has a dimension of 147 x 105 x 22 (L x W x H).
  • As for its size, its total expanse is 15435 square feet, which is sufficient for a big event.
  • The ceiling overlooking the floor is 20 feet high, which is available for decoration as per ceremonies and clients.
  • All the modern amenities and facilities are available.
  • Guests can request a music system as per their wish, or else the hotel can manage it, which is trendy.
  • Host professionals are available during the celebration; they treat all the guests with great modesty and carefulness.

Why Should You Choose Narayani Heights over Other Wedding Venues in Ahmedabad?

Undoubtedly, it is the leader when it comes to the provision of services ranging from hospitality and the arrangement of meetings and parties to hosting wedding ceremonies. With its varieties of facilities and venues, such as lavish banquets, ballrooms, and terrace wedding facilities, it satisfies every type of guest those looking for a traditional or modern vibe. Therefore, Narayani Heights is one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad with price that is manageable/affordable.
If you are looking to celebrate special moments for yourself or for your loved ones, it can make all your wishes come true; there is no other entity that can compete against it. It presents all the opportunities outdoor as well as indoor venues. There are banquet, ballroom, and terrace wedding options. With so many choices and options available, it has turned out to be one of the leading destination wedding venues in Ahmedabad. All these factors are testimonials as to why people choose this resort as their top wedding planner.

Professional Customer Service Department

Well, this is the most crucial department for any industry, be it manufacturing, service, or hospitality. As regards hospitality, without customer service professionals, a hotel or resort such as Narayani Heights could not have expected to be at the level of excellence it holds nowadays. All credits go to its dedicated customer service department in-house as well as online experts. They have helped this hotel become an eminent hotelier. With their professionalism and dedication, Narayani Heights is now one of the top wedding venues in Ahmedabad.
Furthermore, all the professionals, including those who hold positions in the customer service department, have industry-specific qualifications and experience. Not only that, they also go through specialized training before they join their position.


Celebrations or moments such as weddings or marriages come once (though mostly for all) in people’s lives. Capturing such moments to remain perpetually nostalgic for your entire life is easy when you choose the resort, which is one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad. Narayani Heights is the top choice for many when it comes to special events including corporate parties, general parties, pool parties, and marriage. However, considering its versatile provisions as well as services, it is indeed considered one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad with price that is budget-friendly for almost all kinds of guests.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Do wedding venues in Ahmedabad provide catering services?

Yes, most of the venues that specialize in marriage ceremonies provide catering services as well. Catering services are one of the most important facilities available in each hotel and resort. Narayani Heights, being the leader in wedding service providers, has professionals who excel in both Indian and international cuisines.

Q2. What are the amenities typically provided by wedding venues in Ahmedabad?

Mostly, they provide all the required venues for marriage ceremonies. At times, guests require spots for parties along with wedding events. In Narayani Heights, amenities such as wedding halls or banquets, outdoor terraced wedding provisions, and ballrooms are available.

Q3. What are the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad?

When choosing marriage venues, the most important features that people need to keep in mind are the capacity it can accommodate, the level of decoration that is customizable as per clients, how trendy are the venues, how affordable are the provisions, etc. Narayani Heights qualifies for all these qualities, and therefore, it is one of the top destination wedding venues in Ahmedabad. In fact, it is the leader when it comes to serving as the wedding host.