Your journey towards happily ever after begins at Narayani Heights - One of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad

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Weddings are the blissful commemoration of love, happiness, and the unification of souls. In a world where individuality reigns supreme, it's no surprise that couples are seeking unique ways to celebrate their love in all their wedding ceremonies. Every couple dreams of a wedding that stands out from the rest, an event that reflects their personalities, passions, and love story. So, it becomes important to choose a wedding venue that caters to each and every celebration need.

When seeking the perfect wedding venue in Ahmedabad, one is spoilt for choice, as the city abounds in an array of splendid establishments with distinctive attributes and amenities. Amongst these, Narayani Heights stands out as a palatial four-star hotel, conveniently located just 3 km away from Ahmedabad airport, that epitomizes opulence and grandeur, offering an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. We present a magnificent grand ballroom spanning an expanse of 16,000 square feet and providing a flexible space that can be effortlessly transformed into three enchanting, pillar-less banquet halls standing tall at a height of 22 feet.

For those seeking a magical outdoor gathering, gaze upon our verdant, sprawling lawn, a space of unmatched beauty that beckons to host outdoor nuptials of grandeur. Encompassing an astounding 50,000 sq. ft., this emerald expanse can easily accommodate a whopping 5000 guests. Furthermore, our sprawling terrace in 7200 sq. ft. of space, accommodating up to 750 guests, offers dazzling panoramic vistas of natural beauty.

Amidst our extravagant indulgences and grandiose wedding venues, we stand tall as the epitome of culinary excellence, rendering a feast for the senses that is sure to leave your guests spellbound. Our seasoned team of chefs curates a magnificent melange of flavours, ranging from sumptuous Indian delicacies to delectable continental and oriental cuisines that are bound to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. And our adroit team of decorators endows an array of decor services that will metamorphose your event into an ethereal paradise.

Our proximity to more than 13 tourist attractions in the city ensures an unforgettable setting for your special day. With luxurious amenities including 108 opulent rooms, a resplendent swimming pool, an exquisite spa, an alluring discotheque, and a state-of-the-art gymnasium, Narayani Heights ensures a haven of comfort, relaxation, and entertainment for you and your guests.

The perfect venue for arranging all your celebrations from Engagement to Reception, and all the programs in between, such as Mehndi, Haldi/Pithi Dastoor, Sangeet, Bachelor Party, Bridal Shower, Pool Party, Ganesh Sthapana, Wedding Ceremony and After Party, awaits you!

As the only four-star hotel in Ahmedabad to serve every need, we stand as your one-stop destination for all your joyous occasions. From the breathtaking venues to the exquisite culinary delights, from the luxurious amenities to the enchanting decor, we have crafted a haven of opulence and elegance. Step into our world, where love and grandeur intertwine, and let us interweave opulence, elegance, and sheer grandeur for you!
Your journey towards happily ever after begins here! To explore our wonderful world, visit and lose yourself in luxury.